Published & Accepted Papers

Anomaly time (with Adam Reed, Matthew Ringgenberg, and Jacob Thornock). 2024. [slides] Forthcoming, Journal of Finance.

Gambling preferences, options markets, and volatility (with Ben Blau and Ryan Whitby). Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 2016, 51(2).

Current Research

(Not) everybody's working for the weekend: a study of mutual fund manager effort (with Richard Evans). 2024. [long slides, small slides].

Mutual fund shorts and the benefits of acquiring information (with Adam Reed). 2024. [slides].

Institutional investors, short-selling constraints, and information acquisition (with Jesse Davis). 2024.

Predicting anomalies (with Adam Reed, Matthew Ringgenberg, and Jacob Thornock).

Mutual fund flows and learning behavior (with Dora Horstman).

Firm information acquisition and debt contracts (with Brad Cannon and Toshi Fukui).

CEO turnover and personality (with Steve Boivie and Joseph Harrison).

Do female mutual fund managers work harder? (with Marco Ceccarelli and Richard Evans).

Failures-to-deliver: when short sale constraints bind (with Jeremiah Green and Edward Swanson).