Finance for the Professional 1 (MBA) - FINC 612 [link]

  • Fall 2021

Money & Capital Markets (BBA) - FINC 381 [link]

  • Fall 2020 - Evaluations (4.8, 4.8 & 4.8 / 5.00)

  • Spring 2020 - Evaluations (4.7 & 4.85 / 5.00)

Corporate Finance (BBA) - BUSI 408

  • Summer 2017 - Evaluation (4.9 / 5.00)

Selected Student Comments from Evaluations

My Favorites:

    • Amazing instructor!

    • Great professor, explains concepts well, has clear expectations.

    • Professor Bowles is hands-down the best instructor I have had at UNC.

    • Professor Bowles is one of the best instructors I have come across during my time at A&M.

    • Great teacher, very passionate about the material. Great communicator of the material and fosters an environment to ask questions.

    • I love Prof. Bowles' teaching style. He is a great professor and I would take another one of his classes anytime. He genuinely cares about the students success and fosters a great learning environment.

Other Comments:

    • Great class and great professor! I learned so much and I loved how he started every class with real-world events. I also really liked how he applied what we learned to current events.

    • Professor Bowles truly cares about his students, and that goes a long way for our learning environment. It was especially cool when he posted videos to encourage everyone after a difficult midterm exam.

    • Really enjoyed this class. So relevant and he went above and beyond to provide us a great lens through which to see the market. Great economics and finance class.

    • I think that Professor Bowles did an excellent job teaching this class this semester as it was one of my favorite classes so far during my time at A&M. I think that Professor Bowles did an excellent job all the way up to the transition to online courses. His lectures and dedication to making sure that his students learned did not slack.

    • This was my favorite course by far. The instructor made the class interesting and really cares about the students doing well. The incorporation of current events made the class applicable to real life situations. The lectures were kept interesting due to the professor's knowledge and intent to make the information as easy as possible to follow. I would highly recommend this professor to other students.

    • Seamless transition to online. Thank you for putting so much thought into your online course structure.

    • The instructor was always positive and excited about teaching the material. This was very helpful to get myself excited about learning the material and I looked forward to coming to class. Instructor was always willing to help us through email which I found very effective.

    • Mr. Bowles communicated with us very effectively throughout the course. He showed a lot of enthusiasm for the course work and really helped guide students through the lessons.